Greek herbal blend

Greek herbal blend in small package with one cotton pouch

The experience

It’s a unique combination of Greek herbs and natural mastic from Chios. A herbal blend inspired by the sun and the sea full of sunny colors. Warm and honey chamomile and tilia aromas in balance with the very characteristic refreshing taste of the mastic from Chios. Delicate and sweet flower taste of honey ended with a mastic aftertaste. It’s ideal for cold brew where the coolness changes the character of the herbal tea. The flowers become more distinctive and the mastic stands out in an extremely refreshing outcome.
arritos leaf
tilia, chamomile, calendula, mastic from Chios
arritos product details

The window gazes at the open sea and the sea aura tickles the curtain lace.

The warm sun caresses the eyelids.

The mastic aroma refreshes the afternoons as the wave quenches the hot sand’s thirst.