Greek herbal blend

Greek herbal blend in small package with one cotton pouch

The experience

A composition of colors, textures and aromas. Light-green lemon verbena leaves and yellow-white pieces of Cretan mountain tea consist the color canvas for the orange piles of Chian tangerine. Green lemon taste and the very typical Chian tangerine aroma create an antioxidant and wellness herbal combination. The aftertaste is clearly citrus with a spearmint twist.
arritos leaf

lemon verbena, Cretan mountain tea, rosemary, mint, tangerine from Chios

arritos product details

The trees filled with tiny fragrant flowers like a painter’s abstract brushstokes.

The soil seems like a colorful rug laid out with wildflowers.

Atmosphere overwhelmed by multiple senses. A fresh salty breeze approaches from the depths of the horizon.