'Arritos Hellenic Herbs' -a company occupying with herb blends- has desired to recapture tradition and adjust it to todays' world. Through its blends, it attempts to awaken images and memories of Greek landscapes.

'Arritos Hellenic Herbs' is a contemporary facility from Thessaloniki, Greece which collects and reinvents aromatic plants and nuts, creating blends inspired by the experiences and memories of the countryside. It collects herbs and nuts, exclusively from the Greek land and combines them into blends from 3 to 5 kinds so as each of them to be discernible in aroma, taste and aftertaste of the botanic brew experience. Through this philosophy, the name Arritos was conceived. Arritos knowledge is alternatively the experience, a feeling that cannot be described in words. Arritos is something that you have to live and feel with all your senses so to completely understand it.

Our company, who rests faithful to the idea of tradition while simultaneously following the contemporary way of living, has created small artisanal pouches from pure cotton to case its tea bags. This innovative solution has been based on both cotton pouches and the traditional "tsantila;" a cotton cloth with multiple uses in the past.

In combination to the minimalistic design of the packaging, Arritos offers refined contemporary blends maintaining the purity of the past eras. They are products which seek to promote the best out of our country both nationally and internationally.

'Arritos Hellenic Herbs' the importance of the quality of our raw materials is emphasized. We cautiously select the Greek producers with whom we cooperate throughout Greece. Undeniably, our national biodiversity is immense and each region shares its own character. Thus this is how we collect our herbs along with the location, the altitude and the climate so as for the flavors to represent their best qualities.