Greek herbal blend

Greek herbal blend in small package with one cotton pouch

The experience

Intense, tonic, full of earthy mountain aromas. This herbal tea makes you want to take a deep breath. Sage aromas with a little sweet and metallic taste as such of the Olympus mountain tea. Earthy notes of rosemary with a spicy twist of spearmint in the aftertaste. A herbal combination with all the shades of green prevails. Initiated from the golden-green mountain tea reaching to the grey-green sage; typical of the Mediterranean climate. Ideal for a cold brew herbal tea where the green aromas of the spearmint and the sage stand out.
arritos leaf

Olympus mountain tea, spearmint, sage, rosemary

arritos product details

A sudden thunderstorm deluges when the sun, just before setting outplays the clouds.

The drops sparkle on the leaves.

The surrounding air smells of soaking earth and herbs; that is spearmint and sage.